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It's been years since the filth and scum was scraped from the back alleys of the lower mainland, holed up in a shed, and forced down the throats of the people. It's never been pretty and it's never been glamorous, but it's not a taste that everyone spits up. It's the lingering smell that festers in the back of your head for days on end. It's the sickening feeling you get when you walk into a room full of people you loathe

Combining pulse pounding beats with haunting riffs and disgusting vocals, we are the abortion that hardcore music forgot to take note of. The crusty step-son of punk rock and modern metal with a live show full of raw, unfiltered emotion that leaves people salivating and asking themselves "What the fuck was that, and why do I want more?" We've spilt blood, guts, and vomit on any floor we've ever slayed - and destroyed everything and everyone that ever got in our face.

Hi, we're BRAUHEIST, and we make people uneasy.